Lemon-Cycle Print

lemon printe bycile craft made by kid

When life gives you lemons…..you can make the lemonade or use them for some creative printing.

As an addition to our Art from NATURAL MATERIALS section, this lemon bicycle serves as an example o of using various fruit & vegetables for printing.

Although the pictured activity looks pretty simple, it can serve as a great starter for engaging your children in art, encouraging them to think creatively and observe details of everyday objects (such as the lemon in our example) , possibly inspiring them to create a bigger project about this particular fruit  (see the Educational tips/Creative Projects in description below).
Let’s get started!

Equipement and material

  • One or two lemons, a knife and a chopping board
  • Paint brush, a thin black marker, scissors
  • A few drops of acrylic paint of any colour on an aluminum foil/plate
  • White sheet of paper

knife, lemon, red colour brush pen and paper are the things necessary for the craft

Step by step how to

1. Cut the lemon in half, the way you can see all the segments. If it happens that you cut a seed in half, even better. (Adult to help/supervise this stage)

lemon cut in hald ready for suing for printing

Educational hint: You can use two lemons, cut one the way pictured above and the other “the wrong way”, where you won’t get the two circles and the cut shows only 2 segments.

  • Ask children to observe and discuss the difference in structure.
  • Ask which lemon they prefer for the bike print.

2. Dip the lemon in the paint, making sure you wipe off any excess paint before printing onto your final sheet. Test a few prints first to see the effects of too little or too much paint.

half lemon dipped in red colour

3. Print the wheels of the bicycle by touching down gently on the paper. Don’t press it or the juice might ruin the print. Your kids will learn how to better control their strength.

Before printing the second wheel, spin the lemon to a different position lemon to obtain a slightly different print that the first one.

two lemon prints in red fo rlemon bicyle craft

Educational tip: The distance between the wheels should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the wheel, just like on a real bike. Show children some images of bicycles to help them to get it right.

4. Draw the bicycle using the thin black marker. Younger children might find this step difficult – model drawing and/or let them copy one of the examples.

finished printing of lemon bicyle

Other educational ideas:

By continuously asking the ever so stimulating question “What else is possible?”, every child can come up with additional ideas, aspiring to create a whole series of prints combined with drawing.

You can get them involved in a bigger project like “10+ uses of a lemon ” testing a variety of sizes and shapes or printing some other citrus fruit to create a similar effect.

Keep making bicycles using different sizes of fruit/different citrus fruit or change the style of the bikes/ different modes of transport….new models and vintage …there are unlimited possibilities.

Let your creative juices flow by making a list of completely different circular objects to print.

Creative Idea: Lemon Art Gallery

A very engaging project is to create a Lemon Art Gallery. Let children label their images just like in a real gallery, coming up with a fun name and short story for each picture.

You can also have fun with the “Official Exhibition Opening” – decorate the room entrance with juicy lemon 3D decorations, serve cups of cool lemonade.

Surprise your guests lemon & poppy seed mini muffins or present the orange loaf cake and some freshly cut fruit, arranged into a variety of shapes to match your exhibition.