Blow painting

There are so many creative way of painting, and today we are going to create those funny-shaped monster by blowing paint with a straw. It’s super easy, let’s start!

Skills developed

Painting skills, colours, texture, imagination, fine motor skills.

Materials needed

You will need:

  • white paper
  • a couple of plastic spoons
  • cups for the paint
  • a bunch of straws.
  • acrylics, possible non-toxic if you children are younger.

Once you have everyhting ready, pour the colours in the cups.
Add enough water so to make sure they are runny to be blown but not to much.

1 -Getting Ready
2 -Place the paint on a spoon
3 -blow it with the straw
4 -blowing in differnt directions will create funny shapes!

Educational hints and ideas

To get the best out of blow painting we suggest to motivate your children on exploring different possibilities with the materials in use and with the actual painting. Here some examples:

Mixing paint to create new colours. Nothing is more educational than learning about combining colours

If you have the primary colours available better, if not you will still be able to create new colours and new shades out of what you have. You can follow the table here:

Experiment with different shapes by blowing in different ways each time. Exactly like painting with any other tools you can reach different effects by doing it differently.

For example you can modulate the strength of you blow, or blowing always in the same direction. You can also decide to blow not trough the straw but directly with your mouth.. and see what happens!

the general rule is experimenting. there are no limits, and no specific results to be achieved, just exploration,