Easy sorting activity

Sorting activities can really be done with any object is laying around, you just have to make it the right way so to be both fun and educational for your children.

lert’s see how to make an easy and quick sorting game using common objects you have at home.

Choose the right objects

Look around your home, get inspired by the common objects you see everyday. Think colours, shapes, materials. What will have a wow effect on your children?

To give you a better idea of what type if objects you need, you have to think about opposites, for example:

  • long / short
  • dark / light colour
  • plastic / wooden
  • Spiky / round
  • sleek / gross

in the photos below you have some examples of materials I easily found at home.

Edu-tip. Acouple of words about “age appropriate”

Wow materials are sometimes not age appropriate. But think with your head! You know your children and and you what they can handle safely with your supervision. Push their exploration limits, teach them how to use everyday objects

let’s have fun sorting