Outdoor art from foraged materials

Taking children to play outdoors does not have to always end up in spending hours on the playground equipment or run around a field chasing a ball.

Use the quiet moments when they are busy investigating bits and pieces of material to get creative together and collect and arrange the foraged items into a piece of artwork.

Let their little hands handle various pieces of bark, sticks, stones, with the odd lid from a bottle.Make sure their “foraged treasures” are safe, avoid handling broken glass or other sharp objects, use common sense when choosing the location for this activity (And dont forget the wet wipes or liquid handgel to clean their litte hands afterwards.)

Depending on age, you can really experiment with patterns, objects, material,creating bigger projects on a theme e.g. 0-3 – shapes, age 5-7 Woodland creatures out of bark, 9-11 set a time limit, working together in pairs/groups on an exhibition of artwork from foraged material.

ages 0-3, 3-5, 5-7,7-11