Paper plate Zoo animals

Paper plates are such a versatile resource, they just asking to be used creatively. Here are some classic uses for the yougest artists. If you use pre-cut pieces of paper, you can make these with really young childen (0-3), older children can cut their own shapes (ages 5-7. 7-9).You could link this activity to a visit to the Zoo or a farm or possibly to reading a book (Dear Zoo, Old MacDonald had a farm…)

final product – Paper plate Lion
  • water paints (yellow for the lion pictured, other colours for other animals
  • paper plates
  • brush, scissors
  • coloured papers
  • glue stick/ PVA glue
  • black permanent marker,
  • googly eyes (optional)

1.Pick an animal and choose the colour to decorate your plate e.g. Lion – yellow. Cover the surface of the paper plate with your chosen paint.

2. Out of the coloured paper cut out the ears, eyes (or use googly eyes), mane, whiskers…any other parts depending on which animal you chose. You can also draw details with a permanent marker

3. Let children to draw the details of the animal’s face with a permanent marker. Help younger children to use the glue and stick the eyes, whiskers and mane carefully onto the plate.

Once you created your animal, you could either display your “Zoo” by hanging the plates or even acting out the story together using the plate as masks (Dear Zoo)