Musical instruments *

Make your own musical instuments using everyday objects. ****new image*****

Babies as young as 3 months already enjoy making sounds using musical toys and various shakers, yet learning to play any musical instrument requires developing a deep knowledge of the particular instrument and understamding of how sounds are made.

This activity is best done with ages 7-9, or 9-11, possibly linking it to Science topic of Sounds and any Music topic . Having to create their own instruments helps children to develop the understanding of how sounds are made, how the material or even the size of the instrument affects the final sound and how to adjust each instrument to create the sounds required.

Children can plan and design their own instrument on paper, desing the size,shape and all the decorative details before actually making their own instrument. If used in a classroom setting, try to split children in groups to create a variety of different instuments to be used to accompany a chosen song and to create a class orchestra.

Get inspired by images of real musical instruments from all around the worls, unusual instruments from variety of natiral and man-made material, patterns to decorate those.Include drums,shakers, string instruments and even brass instruments using cans and pipes.