Painting with a toothbrush

Objects of daily use can be turned into powerful artistic tools once they reach the end of their life. A toothbrush can be used to create paintings with a peculiar “spray” effect that will amaze your children.

In this activity you will learn how to use a toothbrush in combination with a stencil to create your outstanding piece of art!

Material Needed

One or two used toothbrushes. acrylic colours, papers, scissors. Eventually a paintbrush if you want to use mixed painting techniques.

Let’s Create!

First we create the stencil by cutting the shape form a paper. In our example below we drew and cut an elephant and a circle that will be used as a sun.

1- cut the stencils

Place the stencils on the paper used as a canvas. Decide now the correct position because once we start painting you will not move the stencils anymore.

Prepare also the colours on a plate, or use a proper paints tray if you have one.