Painting with forks: Sunflower

You will need:

  • waterbased paint
  • two forks
  • 3-4 earbuds
  • plain card or sheets of paper

1.Paint the stem using an earbud, your children will be immediately engaged into this activity.

Of course you could just use a standard paintbrush but this way is more fun and educational.

2.Dip the first fork in a good amount of yellow paint, then press it gently on the sheet. Make a full circle creating the outer petals like in the photos above.

3.Do the same using orange paint, this time creating an inner circle of petals.

Then again use the yellow to create last circle of petals.

The dense overlapping of yellow and orange petals is the secret to reach the desired sunflower look.

By using forks instead of traditional paintbrushes you can get the effect with little efforts. A perfect painting hack.

5.Fill-up the sunflower making small brown dots, using an earbud. Your sunflower is now completed!