Paper plate animals: Aquarium

Let’s create an aquarium using a paper plate and few colourful sheets. This simple craft activity will empower fine motor skills and design thinking.

You Will need:

  • paper plate
  • colourful papers
  • scissors
  • blue water based paint
  • paintbrush
  • pencil, permanent marker
  • glue stick/PVA glue

1.Paint your paper plate with a blue water based paint.

2. Draw fish shapes and water plant shapes onto your coloured cards and cut them out.

4. Glue the shapes on the plate, this is the step that should be done indipendently by the younger children to give the a very good hand-eye coordination excercise.

edu-tip: Let your children to experiment the design that they want, however inspire them on creating a creative underwater scene

5.If you wish to add more details, here is an idea – using a glue gun or strong glue dots, you can addd pebbles at the bottom , googly eyes to the fish etc. let your imagination run wild.