Paper plate ring toss game

You will need:

  • 3-5 paper plates
  • 3 cardboard rolls
  • bright poster paints or water colour paints
  • painbrushes
  • PVA glue or glue stick
  • black permanent marker
  • some cardboard

1.Cut off the edge of the plate without braking it, because later that will become the ring

2.Use the flat part of the plate to make a circle on the cardboard.

3.Cut out the circle, this will become the base where to glue the cardboard roll.

4.Time to get creative! Decorate the base as you wish. In our examples we decided to paint cute animal faces

Edu-tip: Decorating is highgly educational, it pushes the children to express themselves by making something great and unique.

5.paint the cardboard tube as well. Feel free to decorate it as it appeals to you.

6. Glue tue tube onto the base, you can either use an glue gun or a strong PVA glue.

In our example we painted numbers. on the tubes as well on the disks, you can do the same. We will show you how to use this game for fun math learning activities

7. Use the edge of tue plates that you previously cut out to make the rings, paint them with different colours.

Again, add numbers to use this game as math learning activity.

The crafty part is over, now it’s time to play this ring toss game!