Printing with leaves: Tree with birds

You will need:

  • Waterbased paints
  • several small leaves
  • paintbrushes
  • plain paper/card to experiment with prints

1.First plan your trunk of the tree with branches reaching out. You could begin by observing real trees outdoors or some photographs of trees to get inspired. We recommend first to gently sketch the outline with a pencil then paint.

2.Prepared your leaves by covering them with paint on a separate sheet of paper. You could be creative with different shades of green or choosing a variety of different colours to make and autumn scene.

3.Gently place the painted leaves onto the tree branches and press firmly to print. Be careful about the amount of paint used, if too much or too wet, the prints work best with a thinner layer of paint.

4.Use a couple of leaves to print optional little birds onto and under your tree. Pick bright contrasting colours like red, orange or yellow so they really stand out in your picture.

5.use a thin permanent marker to draw the beaks and legs of the birds.