Printing with leaves

you will need:

  • waterbased paints
  • several sheets of plain paper/card to practise different prints
  • selection of leaves and flowers
  • paintbrush

1.Prepare a variety of leaves and flowers to cover several shapes, size and textures. This will allow to make a wide range of effects when painting, enhancing creative exploration.

This is also the opportunity for your children to spend quality time in nature investigating in detail trees and bushes. Check out our outdoor activities.

2.using a brush put a thin layer of paint on the leave, preferibily on the most textured side (usually the bottom).

Gently press the leaf on the sheet, you will get a mark showing it’s unique structure. Repeat and explore how different pressure or amount of paint changes the final effect.

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3. After some leaf-prints you can start using flowers. In this case better to dip the flower in a small layer of paint.

4. Create how many prints as you wish, experiment be creative with colours, shapes and designs.

Use tools – leaves, flowers and paint – without aiming for a final result. Feel free and invite your children to just have fun end experiment all possibilities.

5. After a free creative exercise it’s time to give a structure. Invite your kids to aim at some defined designs, such trees or bunch of flowers like in our examples.

It’s important to invite to a more structuredd creativity after exercising free exploration. This will help to sediment the learning.

what’s next

You can explore more painting activities using natural materials. Have a look at how to make a Tree with birds